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What It Takes To Be A Champion:

1. BE TRUE TO YOUR OWN GOALS -- ALWAYS.  This is the first discipline you need to master: Decide that you are going to do what it takes to become the very best you can be.   Re-make this decision newly every day and every chance you get.  This mindset will help you overcome both adversity and any temptations to diverge from your goals.  This focus will help you when you are in pain or when you experience a momentary defeat.  Stay focused and strive 24/7 to be the best you can be.  

2. REALLY LEARN WHAT IT TAKES -- PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY AND SPIRITUALLY -- TO EXCEL.  Learn all that you can about your sport and the way you will be judged.  Don’t guess, ASK and STUDY!
In wrestling, for example, it isn’t just about pinning someone.  Points are scored in many ways -- and it's the wrestler with the most points who wins!  Ask others who have attained high status in that sport, what it takes to win or be the best. Play -- and live -- SMART!  

3. HAVE A SIT-DOWN WITH YOUR FAMILY. Sit down with your parents and family, or loved ones.  It helps when they are on the same page and understand the path you have chosen.  We all have responsibilities, chores and duties.   These can be hard to complete and still put in the time to master your sport.   The point here is that if you are really, really going to go for it.  Your support of family will win you their understanding and support.

4. STAY HEALTHY. Eat the right foods and avoid the wrong ones.   Hydrate with good, clean, pure water!  Avoid soft drinks.  And above all, AVOID DRUGS!   Real champions play drug-free!

5. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  Practice will not always make you perfect, but it will make your skills permanent.  Practice perfection so perfect becomes permanent!

6. CONSTANTLY REVIEW YOUR PROGRESS.  Review and practice -- both your weak points and your strong points.  Review, and when in doubt, practice, practice and practice some more.

7. BE OPEN TO IDEAS FROM OTHERS.  Everyone is different and everyone does things differently, so observe several different professionals, look and listen to what they have to offer, see how they effectively deal with the situations and obstacles you encounter.  And in the end, decide what works best for you.

8. DEAL POSITIVELY WITH NEGATIVITY.  As a caution, be careful of those who offer advice in a way that makes you feel bad.  These types rarely have what it takes to rise to the top -- but they always throw around opinions as if were pros.  Don't even afford them a blink.  Avoid them and, unless you're willing to see your goals shattered, DON'T discuss much more than the weather with them. Give them a quick thanks and bid them a quicker good-bye!  These guys are often the same type that offers drugs or things they claim are "safe" to take.   Stay away!  And keep them away!

Andres O'Brien Puts on Wresting Camp and Drug Education Summit December 2015 for the Espanola Sun Devil Wrestling team.

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Drug-Free Champion Wrestling Team Espanola Valley Sun Devils

Andy Sharing Some Wrestling Moves